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my own effin realm


That moment you realize, the person you cared for and showed nothing but love. Gave them your heart.

And they laughed ripped it to a million pieces and left you alone. 

Goodbye to you. Ill be better off. Ill find someone who will take those shredded pieces of my heart and slowly try to figure out how they go back together. 

“It’s hard to trust, when your hearts been broken times before. You pull the curtains and you lock the doors, swear you’ll never go out anymore.”
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Can’t sleep


I’d do anything to feel you holding me tightly in your arms with your lips pressed against mine. I want to be so close that I can feel your heartbeat. I want to feel your warm tongue slip between my lips to dance with my own. I want to feel the love we used to share. Just one last time

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#TrialsandTribulations #Truth #Mymind #BrokenHearted


#TrialsandTribulations #Truth #Mymind #BrokenHearted